Newell Service

The coach has just been with Newell at their factory in Miami, Oklahoma, for a substantial service totaling $9,500. They have done the following and more :-

  • Extensive Preventative Maintenance (View List Here) which included an unlisted oil and filter change.
  • Generator Service and solenoid replacement
  • Aquahot Service
  • Coach AC (three units) Serviced
  • Engine AC – major service, repair, and refill to full operational status
  • Steps – new motor, control box and sensor switch
  • Entry Door – repaired and re-hung to remove binding when heating
  • Refrigerator – repaired and re-programmed to full operation
  • Pocket Door Bathroom/Bedroom re-aligned for full air solenoid operation
  • Bay hydraulic struts replaced as necessary
  • Filtered Water Spigot replaced together with filters.

Original “Needing Attention” List – updated

  • Cabin A/C has a leak in the piping from the compressor that allows the refrigerant to escape. Needs fixing to bring the cabin A/C into operation.
  • Refrigerator needs service.
  • Generator needs a service.
  • Aquahot system needs a service.
  • Air actuated pocket door between bathroom and bedroom tends to stick.
  • A number of the air struts that support the open compartment doors need replacing.
  • Catch on the flap forward of the front left wheel needs re-fixing.
  • Water filter canisters and filter need replacing and water tank and piping should be sanitized.
  • Rear view camera and CRT monitor don’t work. Wiring still in place for a replacement, or change to a wireless system.
  • Smartire receiver works, but the batteries in the transmitters in the wheels have died so pressure indications are not reliable. If a TPMS is desired, unless replacement Smartire transmitters can be found, a replacement system would be recommended.
  • CB Radio doesn’t work.
  • Entry door sticks when heated, needs clearance increasing.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced.
  • Fire extinguishers need servicing or replacing. Indicators are green.
  • Remote locking on most compartment doors doesn’t work. It’s never worked well and we have never bothered to use it. We don’t keep anything super valuable in the compartments and have never lost anything.