There’s a reason that Newell is able to list a 2013 pre-owned coach on their website for $1,250,000, and have new ones starting at $2 million. They are beautifully built to the highest standards. Unlike other coach manufacturers Newell builds the entire coach from the ground up. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in meeting their customers’ unique requirements. This quality and attention to detail was just as apparent when our coach was built.

From the marble flooring, through the cabinets with their doors laminated both sides, to the corian counter and table tops, and hundreds of small details, the initial build quality makes for an appearance and functionality that has stood the test of time. The photographs give you some idea of how good it really looks.

The difference having a full size shower and water flushing toilet makes to the coaching experience is substantial. This coach’s layout with the bathroom between the bedroom and the kitchen/lounge with doors allowing privacy, means that someone can sleep and use the bathroom without disturbing someone using the fold out bed in the living room, and vice versa.

When this coach was built, slide-outs weren’t a recognized reliable addition to a coach of this quality. Today of course new Newells come with up to four slide outs. We have never had a coach with slide-outs, so we haven’t missed them. And while those built by Newell are well engineered, they do add additional points of failure, especially as the vehicle ages. You’re not going anywhere if you can’t retract your slide-out!
The bedroom is constrained by the width of the coach. With the queen size bed, there is only a narrow aisle to get to the far side and the massive mirror faced wardrobes. However as a place to sleep it is both functional and extremely comfortable.
Under bed there are two safes, both secured to the body of the coach one for laptops and the other for jewelry and other valuables.

One of the advantages of not having slide-outs is that the static walls allow for a massive amount of internal storage. The kitchen is well equipped with a double tiered sliding shelf pantry unit, as well as under and over worktop cabinetry. The rest of the coach is equally well equipped as can be seen in the Interior Storage photo tour. Where appropriate all the storage spaces are loop-fabric lined so that dividers, containers and velcroed items with the hooked side of velcro, can be securely placed for travel.
The built-in vacuum system makes it simple to keep the interior clean, and the stacked washer and dryer avoid the need to use external services.

The two exhaust pipes exiting above the roof are another small but valuable feature. They carry the exhausts from the Aquahot Heating System, and the 20KW Kohler Generator, both of which are diesel powered. The fumes get carried away and don’t inconvenience the campers in the adjacent site as happens with ground level exhausts. The coach originally had a gas hob, but for safety and peace of mind, we had Newell replace it with an electric one so that there is no propane in the coach.

The coach drives really well. There’s no forgetting that you are driving a 44,000lb vehicle but the ride is smooth, steering is responsive and there is engine power to easily run with traffic up hill and down. The Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine is one of the most commonly found in trucks. Almost any truck shop can undertake servicing and will have easy access to parts. The current 115,278 mileage is nothing for the Series 60.

We have had some great trips in the coach, some of them for extended periods, and for a couple it offers plenty of space and comfort. The rest of its life has been spent under cover protected from the elements.